This massage uses elements of swedish elements ,I will ensure you leave fully rejuvenated and released from all the stresses of daily life.I will use a non scented oil to lubricate your skin. The oil is applied onto the skin and then I uses various techniques to warm up the muscle tissue.The aim of the massage is to warm and stretch the muscle tissue so that toxins are drained away and fresh blood flows into the muscles.During the massage  will aim to gradually break up “knots” or adhered tissues releasing tension from the muscles and resulting in a general feeling of wellbeing.The body massage can be vigorous or relaxing depending on your requirements.By using pressure on specific deep tissue areas, this experience improves blood flow, removes fatigue and relieves physical pain.After this treatment I will slowly change the intensity and pressure into another movements by performing calmer rhythm of smooth movements and I'll start using my whole body,for whole this experience,

session will includes graceful rhythmical body slide and body rubbing.

your whole body will be covered in massage oil,I'll use both of my hands and body

,I'll rub my body all over yours,first along your back and then follow by your front.

giving special attention to your desires,I'll awaken all your senses,

my body will slide and glide all over every inch of your body to deliver fantastic sensations, while still massaging your aching muscles,this combination delivers tingles throughout your body and begins to build up the pleasure and sensation the massage combined  (erotic and therapeutic) benefits.




This amazing SENSUAL MASSAGE BODY To BODY 2 it is extremely popular and stimulates your mind and soul ,it is  a beautiful sensuous ritual that has many physical and mental benefits, ,it is designed to de-stress your body with the use of a soothing bath or shower, your entire body will be massaged and pampered using lavish soaps and all natural oils in a mind soothing candle lit setting.You can combine this massage with any of my other Tie & Tease,Swedish Tantric ,Japanese Nuru depends on your needs.Escape reality and allow yourself to relieve you of all stress and anxiety from the body.


*The beautiful bath ritual will be added to your massage session,your journey of ultimate relaxation and tranquility will start with a bathing ritual  it'll include an amazing assisted bath with me ,the bath will be prepared with the most exquisite salts incense to stimulate your senses and prepare you for deeper mystic  relaxation, it is an amazing beginning as it  relaxes all your senses and muscles and introducing you to the something the fantastic enjoyment of human touch ,you will be fully prepared  for my hands  and body to come and work on you I  will be in the bath with you entire time,I will slowly wash your back and rub my soapy body on yours while I will be massaging your neck and back to get you started.It's something that you will love it.I can perform this massage in the bath on your request  in the very soothing calming atmosphere in the quiet environment , it'll be very ecstatic experience, thrilling and sensational, the bath ritual will melt away your stress and relieve your anxiety. Using a variety of soaps, scented oils and sponges your body will be caressed and relaxed. The soft my hands and adept will move about and caress every part of your physical being.



Nuru Massage is an ancient Japanese art type of erotic slide massage. The Japanese word "Nuru" means "slippery". It is performed with Nuru oil .Originating in Japan has become more and more popular across the rest of the world especially in big cities.

The Nuru Massage it is known as body slide massage,it is  a kind of extremely sensual massage using special exotic nuru gel for this experience,I will apply the nuru gel to my body and then massage your whole  body incorporating pressure and strokes from my own body in turn.It is so sensual and very healthy as well because of seaweed it has its cleansing and detoxifying properties which the gel nuru contains.

When it comes to pleasure you want the best,I apply only genuine gel imported from Japan,originally nuru gel was extracted and purified form a special type of seaweed ,clear non perfumed semifluid with a extremaly smooth and silky

viscosity that is easy to wash off leaving no noticeable residue on your skin or your clothing.

I will be using body slides ,various movements,and techniques during the true exotic  treatment,both you and me will slippery and sweat,the masage will allow you the enjoy special sensuality.

In the beginning of massage you'll be invited to take e a hot shower ,this will help your muscles to soften for the preparation for real nuru massage,after I will apply the gel on you and slides on top of you body ,this motion it is not only erotic but it is also massages achy muscles,relieve stress,tension and all healthful benefits of a deep tissue massage.Give yourself some time of pleasure,accompanied along with the dinner it will be the great combination.





+  DINNER  + OUTFIT &  LINGERIE ( incorporating role play and uniforms)


This massage London is a perfect way for those want to push their erotic limits to explore physical needs .

It reveal  my darker  and dominant site and take you under my control.I really know how to drive you wild with this form of massage.So for clients that really like to be controlled and dominated  then this really an be great choice  of massage for you.This massage can be carried out with some mild domination which will really get the pulses racing.If you like something adventurous and mysterious for your massage session then this could be definitely something for you ,it includes full body with teasing and pleasing.

I will intoxicate you with my feminine domination and I will take full control over you,I will blindfold you, tie your hands and  tease you all over, leaving you speechless, weak in your knees ,while you will obey your mistress.

You'll be in complete control .This is your chance to find your role play and discover your wild fetish desire.

Number of individual techniques sort of professional equipments for light dominant seduction is available on your wish. It is light and fun, equipment is used, but not the sort which create any significant pain. 

I can be dressed to impress, I deal an extremely tantalizing experience which involves gentle teasing and stimulation of your body using my hands, body different scents, uniforms, lingerie, whip, cuffs, scarves, heels,toys, ice, candle and wax play)

*Feathers for tickling
*Whip, cuffs 
*Candles for wax play
*Ice, for a bit of temperature play or ice play
*Scarf for blindfolding
*Fingers and fingernails for stroking or light scratching
*The cloth, for creating interesting sensations

Nothing dangerous will happen while you are in my care, it's just pure fun with a twist,

tie and tease is a soft playful form of BDSM ,being blindfolded can enhance the other senses and may be inheherently a psyhological activity as well as physical one.We can negociate scenario in advance or it can all be a surprise.   

Tie and tease is a bondage-related activity where the bondage specifically serves to allow a dominant to torment or tease their submissive while preventing the submissive from doing anything about it. The form of teasing is commonly either tickling or sensual denial.